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World Cup in Postal Stamps

Ninety years ago, "Jules Rimet" proposed in front of the FIFA the idea of Football world cup that is conducted since that time. The coming tournament in Qatar would have been the twenty-fourth, but the 2nd WW stopped it for two consecutive sessions, this was not the only obstacles that faced the championship that have almost stopped without the belief of the first generation of the Federation Council in the idea.


In addition to the postage stamps the countries also issue esteem stamps to remember prominent personalities and events. One of those interesting groups that archives international event was issued by the Hungarian Postal Authority, dating to the beginnings of the FIFA World Cup as well as his founder Jules Remit

1930-World Cup:  Uruguay      

Cup final 1930 Uruguay Vs Argentina
Cup final 1930 Uruguay Vs Argentina 

This was the first world football championship. It was held in Uruguay that was celebrating the centenary of its independence in July, this was the only championship that all FIFA teams have been invited to without qualifying. However, the European countries declined to attend due perhaps to the difficulty of crossing the Atlantic for a tournament whose features are not yet clear, despite the fact that the Uruguayan government agreed to bear all expenses for hosting delegations

The stamp highlights the final match between Uruguay and Argentina, which resulted in the former won by four goals to two

1934 Italy Vs. Czechoslovakia 2-1
1934 Italy Vs. Czechoslovakia 2-1

After the success of 1930 tournament, 32 countries decided to participate in 1934's, so qualifying was held for the first time in order to have only 16 countries to the championship. Still, many important teams boycotted the protest such as Uruguayan against boycotting the European countries to its first tournament, it was hence the only tournament in which the defending champions did not participate. 

In addition, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales were already boycotting the activities of the Football Association claiming that "the tournament that brings together these four teams is better than this world championship," said English Football Association member Charles Sutcliffe.

The stamp highlights the final match between, Italy and Czechoslovakia, which resulted in the former won by two goals to one


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1938 World Cup:  France

1938 Italy Vs. Hungary  4–2

Because this was the second consecutive championship in Europe, Uruguay and Argentina did not participate in opposition to non-rotation, while Spain did not participate because of its civil war at that time, as Sweden participated instead of Austria because of the latter's joining Germany, and the character depicts the final teams Hungary and Italy and the latter won, so it was the first team to retain its title and win the World Cup for two consecutive times

After that, the championship was suspended due to World War II for 12 years, and it did not resume until 1950, so Italy remained the holder of the world title for 16 years (from 1934 until Brazil seized it in 1950).


World Cup 1950:  Brazil

1950 Uruguay Vs Brazil

After a 12-year hiatus due to the circumstances of World War II, Brazil applied to host the FIFA World Cup, and its offer was similar to its offer to host the tournament in 1942.

It was difficult for the defeated Axis countries in the World War, such as the West Germany and Japan to participate, being under occupation, but the International Football Federation persuaded the Italy national football team, the last winner of the tournament, to attend and bear the costs of the team’s travel to Brazil and his stay there, so that the holder of the title holder qualified for the tournament without Closeouts.

The 1950 FIFA World Cup Final was held at the Maracana Stadium in the presence of 200,000 spectators; this remains a record as the most attended finals, in which Uruguayan team beat the landowner and the public, to win their second title in the World Cup.

The final round of the 1950 FIFA World Cup took place from 9 to 16 July 1950. The final round consisted of Brazil, Spain, Sweden, and Uruguay.[1] The winner of the final round was declared champions of the World Cup. 

Uruguay won the tournament, defeating hosts Brazil in the decisive match for their second World Cup title


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1954 World Cup: Switzerland

1954 West Germany Vs. Hungary,

As the rotation between the two continents was established, this tournament was held in Switzerland as the first world cup in the group system, where the first and second of each group qualify for the next round ... Thus, until the teams of West Germany and Hungary (Hungary) reached the final match held in Bern.

Later the Germans called this match and the championship the miracle of Bern (Das Wunder von Bern). The first in the World Cup, which will be followed by two more cups before the twentieth century


Jules Rimet - President of FIFA (1921- 1954)

Jules Rimet President of FIFA (1921- 1954)

Rimet was president of the French Football Association when elected as FIFA's third president since its inception, and he came up with the idea of ​​a World Cup championship in the first popular sport; Uruguay the most prominent name in football at the time, and the champion of two consecutive Olympic tournaments became keen on to organize it

The French sculptor was commissioned to design its cup; his make was a statue representing "Nike", the god of victory in Greece, standing on a white marble base, which appears in the postage next to the image of Remy, it was weighing circa four KG of pure gold

This cup was named in 1946 after Rimet’s name in honor of the man who dedicated himself to this sport, and the number of FIFA members during his 33 presidency rose from 20 to 85 members

 Although Rimet’s Cup was stolen in 1983 from Brazil, which had reserved it for winning the title three times, and the thieves melted it, but his name remains associated with the championship that he improved from a start-up competition to which some    teams apologize, to the most important world championship that nations seek through Qualifying marathon to compete for its golden square, or to just catching up with it even if it comes out of the first roles



This postage group then registered the five tournaments that have been held in Rimet’s FIFA period, and it would have been more than five had it not been for the World War

 Rimet left our world two years after quitting the FIFA, as if after the tournament had settled he had fulfilled his mission in life

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